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First time visit since we are from the east coast. Told by several people best burger in California. If that was the best the worst must be dog food quality.

We ordered the regular burger and never looked at the price. Was surprised to see a bill of just under ten dollars for two hamburgers and fries. Now I no why. It was a roll with lots of lettuce, tomato and onion and a McDonalds $1.00 hamburger. I kind of feel McDonald hamburger was slightly bigger.

The place was crowded and I have no idea why except for the cheap prices. You only get what you pay for and that was certainly true at In-and -Out.

Still can hear Clara from years ago during the Burger King ad yelling where's the beef. No beef on the regular burger at this restaurant.

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BriskTasmanian Devil

You were surprised at the bill, just under $10 for 2 burgers and 2 fries, then you say the place was crowded because of the cheap prices...make up your mind, cheap or expensive? Makes me not want to believe your complaint.

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